Gladly Beyond


Claire Raythorn goes to Florence, Italy to secure a much needed job and to rebuild her life after it was shattered by her fiancé. When she discovers she’s competing for the job with not only her ex-fiancé, but also the charismatic Dante D’Angelo, she knows she’s going to have to work hard to secure the position. When she discovers that someone is following her, and a man dressed like Mr. Darcy is continually showing up in the photos she’s taking, she has more than just a job opportunity to contend with. In addition, it’s evident she’s feeling an attraction to Dante, the only person who might be able to help her. 

Set in contemporary Florence, Italy, this love story combines the supernatural with reincarnation and suspense, and mixes it with a clean romance that’s not only captivating but also satisfying. A little slow to start as the necessary background is introduced, it keeps the reader engaged and flipping the pages rapidly once it gets past the introduction. With finely drawn characters that are easy to like, and an unfettered pace that flows smoothly, one is drawn in by the many twists and turns that are woven throughout the enthralling plot. This story has it all: witty dialogue, a historical art mystery, intrigue, suspense, and an element of the supernatural, tied all together in a delightful romantic tale that will stay with you long after the last page is turned!

Janna Shay