The Guardian (Mended Souls Book 1)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Lifelong friends Lucas Carmichael and Scott Anderson have survived hardship and attained their dreams of wealth, fame, and fortune, - only to lose in one foolish second what they held dear. A car accident takes Lucas’ life and leaves Scott bereft and alone. Scott starts down a path that has him pondering his life choices and priorities. However, when discrepancies arise in the investigation of the accident, Scott must put his contemplation on hold in order to protect Tracy York, the Medical Examiner who found the inconsistencies that point to more than a mere accident.

This suspense goes beyond the parameters of the usual whodunit by combining two stories that intertwine seamlessly into one tale filled with romance, greed, regret, atonement, and forgiveness, all woven together to form a suspenseful read that takes place in the paranormal and contemporary worlds. The characters are engaging and likeable; however the pace is choppy at times, which hinders the flow of the plot. With an overuse of clichéd phrases and multiple changing POVs, the story has a few hiccups, but these don't prevent one’s desire to turn the pages to get to its conclusion. These issues, along with a cliffhanger ending, might give the reader pause, but one will nevertheless find the storyline captivating and entertaining. With a little tweaking and correction of the issues, this novel has the potential for a much higher rating.

Janna Shay