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Sean McPherson is thrown back into the deep end when his fiancée is kidnapped by crime boss Georgio Gambino. Not only that, but loved ones of his two best friends are taken, and if any of them make an attempt at a rescue, one of their loved ones will be killed. Attendees at the writers retreat work tirelessly to help the three friends get the ones they care about back.

Kirkpatick Industries is a high tech gaming company and currently employs Harper Vale. She’s been working on a top-secret project, along with her team of four others. The owner believes there is a leak in his company and hires the Brothers Inc. team to do a thorough investigation and uncover the mole doing harm from the inside.

Hannah Patel is a Public Defender in Philadelphia, and is quite good at her job. One of her latest clients received a guilty verdict… Hannah was cold-cocked; she received a black eye along with a couple days off. Her solace is rowing. She’s athletic and strong, and often goes solo. When a mysterious note appears on her windshield she’s alarmed, knowing she’s being watched.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Shaun Treadway is a 17-year-old boy who is used to being in trouble. Shaun adores his mother, and has tried many times to protect her from her abusive husband. When her husband’s latest beating lands her in the hospital, Shaun has had enough and sets fire to their home while the husband is drunk and passed out.

How to Spot a Fake
Rachelle Paige

Lovelyn Pettigrew and John Smith are from two different worlds. Love has grown up in luxury in a prominent family. When her beloved grandmother passes and leaves her art collection to Love, Love wants to preserve their shared love of art by opening a museum in her family home. Love’s parents want to protect her and don’t trust that she is making the best or safest decisions.