Wiccan Mirror

Young Adult

PARANORMAL: Isis and Zack have been through a lot in their teenage lives. Nothing is quite like what hits them next, though! When the Witches of Vegas return for a reunion show, Isis finds herself being accused of murdering someone from her past. The person she needs the most, Zack, is abducted. Isis and Zack must find a way to save the world yet again, only they won’t be next to one another when they do so. Isis must face a version of herself that has all of the darkness she’s been trying to ignore. Her only hint on how to save the world comes from a boy named Harry who claims to be from the future. He tells her a hard truth: whatever plan she’s come up with isn’t going to work! How is she supposed to change the future when she’s destined to fail?

“Wiccan Mirror” is an explosive finale to a unique young adult paranormal series! The beginning is action packed, leading into a story of magic, time travel, and true love. Isis is once again faced with an impossible decision as she tries to lead her community of witches. In doing so, she is thrown into danger. Isis is smart and easy to like. Zack, her romantic partner, balances her well. Even when they aren’t together, their personality traits remain strong, making them both enjoyable to read about. There are a lot of other characters in the novel that are just as developed and fun! There’s a slight pacing lull after the initial hook, and if readers have not read the other books in the series, they may be lost. Overall, it is a wonderful and satisfying conclusion that fans will savor! This is a great read for lovers of urban fantasy and young adult novels!

Chelsea Andersen