The Paradise Planets: The Fallen From Paradise

Shaun Barrowes
Narrator: Maya Tuttle and a Full Cast

YOUNG ADULT: Kassiana has always known a life of privilege on the planet of Nemal. As part of the Paradise Planet system, she’s also always known that all sirens must partake in the siren games. Because of her status, she’s never thought much of it… then she is taken from home and forced to live on Earth as a lower status citizen. There she must endure abuse and work her way up the ladder if she has any hope of ever going back home again. She must also find her voice – literally. An injury has taken away her siren song, and without that, she might never see her family again.

Fast paced and intriguing, “The Paradise Planets: The Fallen From Paradise” will keep readers hooked from start to finish! Right away, readers are immersed by a world like no other! The twist on a post-apocalyptic Earth that Mr. Barrowes creates is like no other. Kassiana is instantly likable; her journey from privilege to the bottom is emotional. The bonds she makes with the other characters are strong. Each character is well developed and stands on their own, making it easy to connect with them too, despite their role as a supporting player to Kassiana’s story. It’s an action packed coming of age adventure.

The audio production of “The Paradise Planets: The Fallen From Paradise” is top-notch! With a full cast, each character has their own actor while the main story is narrated by Ms. Tuttle. She brings every emotion to life and has a strong connection to the book – as well as the character she portrays. Along with the full cast, the production also has performances of all the songs the characters sing in the book. There are some catchy bops written for the story! Unfortunately, there are also some distracting sound effects that take away from the experience. Too much background chatter or weather related sounds that are confusing at times or are a little too loud. Overall, it is an incredible listen, and a great tale for lovers of young adult and science fiction!

Chelsea Andersen