CHRYS (Thornscore, Vol 1)

Science Fiction

Chrys and Verity have been working with one another for some time. There is no one Chrys trusts more, so when he is sent on a mission that takes him across the galaxy, it only makes sense that Verity come along for the ride. Verity has desired Chrys for a long time, and has been searching for a way to get him to notice her. Perhaps now that they’re working together – alone –she’ll finally have a chance to do so. Chrys is too focused on building his successful life amongst the galaxy’s cartels, so she’s definitely got her work cut out for her. Unfortunately for them, betrayal is in the air, and outside forces will do whatever it takes to distract them from their respective goals.

Steamy and out of this world, “CHRYS” is a continuation of The Twelve Systems Chronicles by the same author, though it contains new characters and is more of a spin-off. Readers who have not read the previous series can read this one with ease! All necessary information is shared, making the world building complete and richly developed. Verity is intelligent and loyal – and easy to underestimate. Chrys is a strong, kind, male character, who believes in hard work and determination. Together they have a sizzling chemistry and take on the forces against them. A few places the book’s pacing feels a bit rushed, and a bit deeper character development would help readers connect to the characters on a better level. There are a lot of twists and turns in this action packed novel. Overall, it’s the perfect start to a new series, that will leave readers excited for the next installments! This is a great read for lovers of smoldering science-fiction romance!

Chelsea Andersen