Angel Guardian (The Blue Phantom #3)

Science Fiction

Kal is an angel who is stuck on a frozen planet named Laxxar, and his memory has been wiped clean. Indra is on a mission to rescue a foreign angel and she has a sidekick who just so happens to be a telepathic cat named Panthera. Indra herself is also telepathic and a trained warrior, although she doesn’t usually feel like she is warrior material. When Kal and Indra cross paths, Indra is not sure if she can trust Kal and must determine whether he is an angel for good or evil. If Indra’s instincts are wrong, it could be detrimental for the entire galaxy.

“Angel Guardian” is a science fiction romance novel that follows two very interesting characters through some very stressful and romantic moments. While the characters are intriguing, they lack a little in development, making them mediocre at best. This may be because this is the third book in the series. There may be a lot more backstory to be learned about these characters in the previous books, and readers would probably enjoy their company more having read the first and second books. The world building is also a little difficult to understand without reading the series in its published order. The story itself is a little slow-paced. There is a lot of technological jargon that some readers may not enjoy. However, readers who are fans of very hi-tech science fiction novels will enjoy following this dynamic duo along with a strange but trustworthy sidekick, Panthera.

Jennifer Shepherd