Hester Seckman

DYSTOPIAN: In the future, Earth is abandoned by humans, and a group of them settle on a foreign planet. Here, the inhabitants decide to create a different version of life, one where the men and women live separately. While the women are in charge and have control over society in Rightside, the men live in harder times on Wrongside. The only time men and women interact with one another is when there is a need for sex. If a woman becomes pregnant with a boy, she must give him up to be raised by the father and never see him again. Two women, Jessie and Tenosha, aren’t okay with these rules. Together, they hatch a plan that might accidently be the beginning of a civil war.

Rich with world building, “Rightside/Wrongside” creates a dystopian adventure that feels eerily possible! Full of rich character development, the people in this novel feel real! There is a slow burn to the pacing. While there are moments of action, the focus of the first few chapters is to set up the lives of those living in Rightside and Wrongside. Hester Seckman does a great job of doing this in a way that sparks intrigue, but also doesn’t overwhelm readers. Once the world is set, the events start to pick up speed. Readers will find themselves engrossed in all of the attention to details! Jessie is a strong female lead. She starts as someone readers might dislike, but as the story goes on, she becomes someone easy to root for. It’s a great take on an unknowing villain being redeemed! All of the characters are just as richly developed! This is a great read, especially for those who love unique settings and post-apocalyptic worlds!

Chelsea Andersen