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Lady Amelia Darley finds herself widowed with an estate and many debts left to her by her late husband. Amelia is a terrific horsewoman and breeds and trains the best thoroughbreds. But her sales will never be able to save her estate if she can’t convince people to purchase from a woman. Alexander Goldphin Hawke, the Duke of Leids has returned to England.

Nicole Kilpatrick
Narrator: Cassandra Alling

YOUNG ADULT/FANTASY: Clover O’Leary leads a charmed life. Well, until her 18th birthday. On her 18th birthday everything changes. The leprechaun, Finn, who was given the task of making sure her life is so lucky is finished with his job and her luck turns.

Connor Wolfe is currently living in Killaman Falls, New Hampshire, a very rural place where little happens until Emmalyst Whichur shows up to settle her murdered godmother’s affairs. Her godmother’s work on a secret formula to cure the werewolf virus is the target of a company run by a werewolf, Saltikoff.

Lady Lydia Howick has accepted the fact her beloved Royal Marine, Captain George Neville, is dead—until she sees a painting with George as one of the subjects, dated 1823, two years after his supposed death. She and her Aunt Lili seek out the painter and plan a trip to Algeria, to find the Oasis where he painted the picture of George. Lydia is determined to find him and bring him home.

Ask Me Nicely

Harper Mitchell’s world is turned upside down when the Feds raid the San Diego real estate firm where she has been working for years and take her boss away in handcuffs. Suddenly without a home or a job, her best friends in Chicago, Ariana and Bethany, talk her into moving in with either of them. She agrees, but wants a place of her own to maintain her independence.