Nicole Kilpatrick
Narrator: Cassandra Alling

YOUNG ADULT/FANTASY: Clover O’Leary leads a charmed life. Well, until her 18th birthday. On her 18th birthday everything changes. The leprechaun, Finn, who was given the task of making sure her life is so lucky is finished with his job and her luck turns. When Finn finds out that his boss, Alistair, has evil designs on Clover, he decides he cannot let Alistair’s plans come to fruition. Finn reveals himself, and together, Clover and Finn travel to Ireland through portals to cross into the Faerie Realm and seek an audience with the Seelie Queen. Clover hopes to find a way to rid herself of the curse the evil leprechaun Alistair has placed upon her. Clover finds herself in a dangerous and mythical world surrounded by creatures she thought were fiction with deepening feelings for a leprechaun she only just met but who has known her for her entire life.

This fast-paced adventure is a magical tale filled with handsome leprechauns and mythical creatures. As Finn and Clover travel, they meet many leprechauns, humans, and other fantasy creatures. With each character so well written, it is surprisingly easy to keep them all straight, and it feels as though they are real friends or foes and not characters in a book. Clover is a sweet girl who is easy to like and relate to. The chemistry between Finn and Clover sparks constantly. An adventure with just enough romance. Each character is well developed with enough backstory provided to understand their motives and desires. With twists, unexpected revelations, and turns, the plot is anything but predictable. Readers will automatically be reaching for the next book in the series.

Cassandra Alling’s narration is terrific and enchanting. Her Irish brogue takes you right into Ireland but is clear and easy to understand. With great pacing Cassandra makes this an easy listen. Listeners won’t want to take a break, so they should carve out some time for this enchanting tale!

Cara Cieslak