Pride of a Warrior (Men of the Squadron Book 5)

Andrea K.

Lady Lydia Howick has accepted the fact her beloved Royal Marine, Captain George Neville, is dead—until she sees a painting with George as one of the subjects, dated 1823, two years after his supposed death. She and her Aunt Lili seek out the painter and plan a trip to Algeria, to find the Oasis where he painted the picture of George. Lydia is determined to find him and bring him home. And Lili has her own reasons for wanting to return to Algeria. She needs to put her demons behind her. At one time, she was a member of the king’s harem, but with a friend’s help, managed to escape. George reveals himself on the way to the Oasis. He is one of the protectors on the trip. After spending the evening with Lydia, he vanishes. He loves her but has his duty to the crown to fulfill.

“Pride of a Warrior” is the beautiful story of Royal Marine Captain George Neville and the pride he has serving his country, even beyond his commitment, and the woman who desperately wants him back. Though a good read, this tale several drawbacks. The pace feels rushed, especially at the end, where the climax feels as if it has been thrown in at the last moment, and the ending is very abrupt. It is also difficult to discern Lydia from Lili in their dialogue. The descriptions of the desert, however, are breathtaking, and one can’t help but laugh at the interactions with the camels. One can easily imagine what the characters look like from their portrayals. This novel is a unique adventure tale, not your average historical.

Belinda Wilson