When Kurt Bludgeoned Rusty (Whichur-Wolfe Detection Book Four)


Connor Wolfe is currently living in Killaman Falls, New Hampshire, a very rural place where little happens until Emmalyst Whichur shows up to settle her murdered godmother’s affairs. Her godmother’s work on a secret formula to cure the werewolf virus is the target of a company run by a werewolf, Saltikoff. Connor, the reluctant werewolf, and Emmalyst team up to get the formula to the right person and solve the murders in Killaman Falls. When Rusty Olmstede is found bludgeoned to death, her husband, Kurt, is the assumed culprit, but is he? Emmalyst falls for Connor, and Connor falls for Emmalyst, but he wants to be cured of being a werewolf to be with her. He is tired of his immortality, so the formula must work to cure him.

“When Kurt bludgeoned Rusty” is a fantastical story with a convoluted plot keeping the reader engaged and guessing who the murderer might be. The characters are not all who they appear to be. The world building is exceptional, and it is easy to imagine the town of Killaman Falls and its surrounding woods. The townspeople are eccentric, as they have their monthly Full Moon Protection parties (FMP). They are delightful as they interact with one another donning their costumes for this FMP as this one coincides with Halloween. The back and forth between Emmalyst and Connor is enchanting. Connor throws out snippets of history throughout the story making it even more interesting. A beautifully written, cohesive story! One will definitely want to read the entire series.

Belinda Wilson