Thoroughly in Love (Aldbey Park Book 1)


Lady Amelia Darley finds herself widowed with an estate and many debts left to her by her late husband. Amelia is a terrific horsewoman and breeds and trains the best thoroughbreds. But her sales will never be able to save her estate if she can’t convince people to purchase from a woman. Alexander Goldphin Hawke, the Duke of Leids has returned to England. He comes to Aldbey Park to collect the debt he is owed, but in a twist of fate, he is mistaken for a hired hand. Alexander is surprised by Lord Darley’s death and intrigued by his young widow. So, rather than reveal his identity, he chooses to play the part of a stable manager while he tries to figure out what exactly is going on at Aldbey Park. As he finds more questions than answers, his mounting suspicions multiply while his feelings for Amelia build as well. Will their relationship survive the truth?

Amelia is a refreshingly strong heroine. Going against the ton and their expectations, she wears breeches, trains horses, and turns out the finest thoroughbreds England has seen. Alexander is the perfect match for Amelia, appreciating her work ethic, humor, and passion for horses. As Alexander and Amelia begin to uncover the truth about her husband’s untimely death, they flirt with danger as much as each other. Their chemistry is undeniable. It is hard to believe a woman would be allowed this position during this time period, but with the delightful cast possible anachronism is easy to overlook. A unique twist on a familiar pattern. With mystery, intrigue, comedy, and a romance fanning the flames, this is a must read!

Cara Cieslak