Ask Me Nicely


Harper Mitchell’s world is turned upside down when the Feds raid the San Diego real estate firm where she has been working for years and take her boss away in handcuffs. Suddenly without a home or a job, her best friends in Chicago, Ariana and Bethany, talk her into moving in with either of them. She agrees, but wants a place of her own to maintain her independence. Harper and Ariana’s brother, Spencer, do not get along and exchange wicked jabs at one another and have for as long as they can remember. How will she handle living in the same part of town in one of his apartments? She secretly likes him and has for years, but refuses to tell anyone. Spencer sees the curvy Harper as nothing but trouble, but why is he so attracted to her when he does not even like her?

“Ask Me Nicely” is a steamy story which combines two commonly used tropes: enemies-to-lovers and best-friend’s-brother. It is a simple plot with a twist – Harper harbors a deep secret she has only shared with a few select people. Sizzling heat is mainly what this story is about, with half the book dedicated to intimacy, which tends to overwhelm the plot. There are also disturbing mentions of alleged child sexual assault, suicide, and attempted sexual assault and may not be for the faint-hearted. The sudden, unexplained reappearance of Harper’s abusive stepfather into her life may leave readers bewildered. However, the snarkiness between Harper and Spencer is fun and adds lightness to the tale. For those who love a hot and spicy story, this is a prime candidate.

Belinda Wilson