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Honey House

“Never leave them enough rope to hang you”,  is what KC Carmichael’s parents ingrained in her since childhood.  Always be prepared to leave everything behind when a con goes bad.  Perhaps inheriting a bed & breakfast in a scenic Arizona town is not the lifestyle to which she’s accustomed, yet KC has a home for the

Cooper Sullivan, a second-generation Irish cop, understands there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed.  The overwhelming sense of protectiveness he feels for Laney Essex, a murder victim’s sister, and his strong attraction for her will be a struggle.  A relationship grows as Laney and Cooper search for answers to her s

Speak of the Devil

PARANORMAL:  Lily’s in high school, crushing on her boyfriend Mike, hanging out with her BFF Julie, everything’s great.  A freak accident changes everything!  Mike and Julie are both dead and Lily is all alone.  A move to her dad’s and a start at a new high school helps a little.  But when she meets Luc and Mo

Allie is so disappointed – Black Falls is in the sticks, she and her twin brother Dax have left everything behind, and it's still eight months til graduation.  She’s really not into the whole country western/cowboy thing, but she can’t help but notice Wyatt, their handsome neighbor who comes over to help them move in. 

The Deal: About Face

Jonah Gray is a fugitive running for his life.  He needs to hide until he can sort out his life’s downward spiral.  As Ivan Janse, an expert in commercial real estate deals in Amsterdam, he hides in plain sight.