The Deal: About Face


Jonah Gray is a fugitive running for his life.  He needs to hide until he can sort out his life’s downward spiral.  As Ivan Janse, an expert in commercial real estate deals in Amsterdam, he hides in plain sight.   In the meantime, he’s brokering high stakes real estate deals with the beautiful people, including the gorgeous, mysterious Julia – will she take his mind off Perry, or be his downfall?  And what about the Faberge Egg he kept out of his half-brother’s hands?  He hopes it is safe, but he wants to make sure.    He also needs to clear his name of murder charges from the past, which won’t be easy as the authorities are convinced of his guilt. 


“The Deal” is a fast paced thriller, with action galore, as Jonah deals ruthlessly with all those around him who seek his demise.  Nothing is as it seems, however, and readers will be in a state of constant suspense as Jonah works to clear his name, find his loved ones, and locate the Faberge Egg.  Jonah is a spellbinding character, rough and tender, unpredictable and confident.  His relationship with the beautiful Julia teases, but it is Perry he really loves.  The story has a lot of threads running at  once, and it skips around different time periods, which makes it hard to keep the storyline straight.  Jonah’s dogged determination is truly the story’s heartbeat, as he takes readers on a roller coaster ride of deal making, love, loss, and redemption!

Victoria Z. Burg