The Heart Teaches Best (Real Romance Collection, #2)


Cooper Sullivan, a second-generation Irish cop, understands there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed.  The overwhelming sense of protectiveness he feels for Laney Essex, a murder victim’s sister, and his strong attraction for her will be a struggle.  A relationship grows as Laney and Cooper search for answers to her sister’s senseless murder.  They feel the chemistry.  Cooper can’t resist her.  The killer can’t resist Laney either.


A man in uniform, a poor little rich girl who’s humble and sweet, and a killer on the prowl are the main ingredients in this romantic suspense.  Who can resist a gorgeous cop intent on protecting the woman he loves?  Laney absolutely can’t!   What is problematic is the tragedy that brings them together.  Laney’s sister, a famous writer, has been murdered, but the loss doesn’t feel as profound as it should.  When Cooper questions the ethics of initiating a relationship with Laney, the solution is simple.  The quick fix appears convenient and undermines his character’s moral dilemma.  Nearly effortless resolutions deflate tension and the story’s conflicts; thereby, keeping Cooper and Laney from exposing hidden depths.  The best of this story is saved for last.  Ms. Schiller keeps her cards close to her vest when it comes to villain and the suspense finally kicks into gear.  The cat and mouse game the killer plays is cleverly executed at the story’s end.  “The Heart Teaches Best” appears an earnest effort and is a fair reading experience.   


Anna Fitzgerald