Speak of the Devil

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Lily’s in high school, crushing on her boyfriend Mike, hanging out with her BFF Julie, everything’s great.  A freak accident changes everything!  Mike and Julie are both dead and Lily is all alone.  A move to her dad’s and a start at a new high school helps a little.  But when she meets Luc and Mo and their theater gang, everything changes again!  

Something is strange, but Lily keeps getting lost in Luc’s dreamy eyes.  It doesn’t help that Mo has a crush on her too .  Things go to a new level when Lily finds out that this group is really a band of guardian angels, each sent to Earth to find and protect one soul.  The angels have been on Earth for a long time, and haven’t had any communication with Heaven, and they’re starting to turn into demons!  

In this engaging YA,  readers will enjoy the well-written characters of Lily and Luc, as well as the great relationship development, and the intriguing love triangle that develops as Mo comes into the picture to compete with Luc for Lily’s attention.  The dialog is rather “he said-she said”, but the story progresses well.  And a surprise identity at the end will really stun the reader!   “Speak of the Devil” does an admirable job exploring the battle between good and evil, as Lily struggles against demonic powers to save the love she has finally found. The story does end suddenly, leaving much more to say and making the reader yearn to have book two in the series! 

Victoria Z. Burg