Cowboys and Kisses (Teens of Black Falls, Texas #1)

Young Adult

Allie is so disappointed – Black Falls is in the sticks, she and her twin brother Dax have left everything behind, and it's still eight months til graduation.  She’s really not into the whole country western/cowboy thing, but she can’t help but notice Wyatt, their handsome neighbor who comes over to help them move in.  She’s not interested in romance, although Wyatt is gorgeous.  He and Dax become friends, and he’s going to help around their ranch this summer, so Allie will see a lot more of Wyatt than she thought.  He knows just what to say, rescues her when necessary, and penetrates that armor of sorrow that she has wrapped around her.  Wyatt’s got some problems of his own, but he’s not telling... Allie can only guess at his past, but he identifies with her own train-wreck of a life.  And Allie begins to think that just maybe, she can open up her heart to this country boy after all. 


“Cowboys and Kisses” is a sweet tale of romance, where headstrong and wild meets caring and gentle!  The relationship between Allie and Wyatt is well-written and grows nicely.  The introduction of Travis as a competing love interest also adds a welcome tension.  However, the constant physical descriptions of Wyatt and his physique do tend to bog down the story line.  There is also a significant backstory that is introduced late in the plot, making it difficult to understand current issues and problems related to these past experiences. Still, “Cowboys” successfully keeps readers on the edge of their seats, as they follow Allie as she  matures and finds love where she least expects it!


Victoria Z. Burg