Honey House


“Never leave them enough rope to hang you”,  is what KC Carmichael’s parents ingrained in her since childhood.  Always be prepared to leave everything behind when a con goes bad.  Perhaps inheriting a bed & breakfast in a scenic Arizona town is not the lifestyle to which she’s accustomed, yet KC has a home for the first time.  The hunky sheriff she aggravates may know about her time in ‘juvie’ and her past fortune-telling business, but not all her talent was a hoax.  With guidance and time, KC’s true power will emerge - if a killer preying on her patrons doesn’t make her his next victim.


Sentient bed and breakfast homes are not all that common in paranormal romance.  Its mysteries promises to enchant the reader.  Then, add Quinn - the tall and burly sheriff - whose proprietary manner with KC snaps the senses to full attention.  Magic, werewolf sightings, sexual tension, and mystery – what more could a reader want?  Perhaps a cohesive story.  “Honey House” is one part paranormal romance and one part erotic urban fantasy.  KC’s titillating encounters with men – there’s an invitation to join male partners for a threesome - overshadows the murder mystery.  A plot focused on the B&B, KC’s untapped magic, and her chemistry with Quinn potentially would have resolved open story threads.  If the reader is prepared for the steaminess (and appreciates it) and feels invested in KC there are pleasurable elements to follow the intriguing heroine into the next book.   


Anna Fitzgerald