Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

This full circle adventure encompasses Mitch’s life from recruitment and includes many references to days gone by that both warm the heart as well as force one to give pause. Real life historical events and personages span the pages and are sure to tug at emotions long forgotten.

On a ski trip with her kids at Lake Tahoe, California, Tessa Scott, affectionately referred to as the Grass Valley housewife to her colleagues at Enigma, gets embroiled in a quest for the Kifaru, Botswana’s last hope for stability.

Although Cassie has a few eye-catching physical assets, at heart, she is a shy school teacher, embarrassed by her curvy figure. She’s given up hope that a man would sincerely appreciate her for who she is…until she meets Mike Armstrong.  Most people would agree that firefighters are heroes. But, Mike shrugs off the moniker.

Inara is a highly skilled sniper who has never had any doubts about her abilities until a mission in Columbia goes incredibly wrong. Her survivor’s guilt threatens her career and her emotional stability. Royce is a survivor of a different type. His body has been ravaged by a brain tumor, and the warrior struggles to deal with the emotional and physical consequences of his life-saving surgery.

Laura Iglesias is desperate to save her child, who has been kidnapped by the dangerous San Matean politician Ernesto Ruiz. Ruiz is using the child as a pawn to goad Laura’s father out of hiding.