At the Crossroads: Global Security Unlimited #2


Max Grant is the lead of cybersecurity at a global security company, who seems to be living the life any man would dream of with a beautiful woman, Cress Taylor. She has always been the woman for Max to pine over; however, behind the picture perfect life is a former MI6 operative with a traumatic past. Ten years ago, he and his team were deep within terrorist territory when they were caught in an ambush. While he survived, most of his team was killed. The terrorist responsible was put behind bars, but after receiving a suspicious envelope in the mail he soon finds out that the terrorist has escaped and he is coming after Max. Max does everything in his power to protect Cress from harm, but he seems to be headed directly toward the terrorist.

Sharon Michalove created two main characters that are full of imperfection and far from the typical characters seen in romance novels; however, it adds incredible depth to their relationship. Readers can feel the raw emotion between them, but unlike many other romantic suspense tales, there is a much higher level of maturity and sophistication between the two of them. They both have advanced careers and make decisions based on rationality rather than intense bouts of lust, which is fantastic to see because it allows readers to create a much stronger bond with the characters. Aside from Max and Cress, the story building is fantastic with immense suspense and action, with the perk of hearing the perspectives of both Max and Cress. Gripping and delightful!

Sadie Wilson