Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Xavier London and Tessa Sands have met under the false pretense that they are seeking to find truth. Well, at least Tessa is — Xavier is trying to keep it hidden.  Xavier discovers the truth for Tessa, and is determined to set her free from the cruelty of her benefactor, his boss.  His boss is not one to be toyed with. Death is his answer to anyone he has no need for or who crosses him.

Three destinies are forever intertwined through one remarkable painting, in this chilling mystery that is reminiscent of “The DaVinci Code” by Dan Brown, but is arguably even more nail biting. 

Brothers Eric and Danny meet best friends Victoria and Zoe at a store to help prepare for an engagement party. This foursome doesn’t really get along; they are putting up with each other for the sake of their friends and family. During this seemingly ordinary shopping trip, robbers with guns come storm the store. This group saw the perpetrators and will now stand as witnesses for the trial.

Emmit McKay is a widower with three adopted daughters. Savannah Walker is the new principal in Blue Creek. She has a master’s degree and a no-nonsense attitude but she is completely caught off guard by the McKay girls. The closer Emmit and Savannah become, the more dangerous things get — when a murderer hides amongst you, you cannot let the dead lie.

The Enigma Dragon
Breakfield and

TECHNO THRILLER:  Juan and Julie Rodriguez, heads of the Cyber Assassin Technology Services (CATS) group, are trying to figure out who is running an illegal operation, but they can’t track them digitally. The technology that is supposed to help people has become a means of targeting them instead. North Korea somehow has missiles, but no one is sure how they got them.