Dangerous Haven (A Minnie Chance Mystery, Book 3)


This story revolves around a WITSEC house being remodeled in Atlanta. Minnie Chance and her 60-something friend Seamus James are planning to run it for witnesses who need a safe haven, but they discover a tunnel underneath, with a lot of blood in one area. Later, they find a dead body, and police make an arrest, but Minnie believes that they have arrested the wrong person. This book centers on figuring out who the actual murderer is, and why they killed this man. Readers learn that Minnie recently discovered that she has a half-brother, Delaney, who is on the run from criminals, and he actually lives nearby and is helping with the renovation. There is some romantic interest in Minnie from Greg Millard, and some jealousy from Martin Rales, but signals have gotten crossed with Martin, and Minnie is pursuing Greg, to the consternation of Rales.

It’s obvious that there have been prior stories, as they are alluded to throughout this book. Unfortunately, the author does an inadequate job of orienting the reader who isn’t familiar with the previous stories. Events are referred to from the earlier stories, but readers are left in the dark about the details and must extrapolate the pertinent facts from the limited information provided by the author. This is jarring for new readers of this series. It is recommended that these books be read in order, as this has the potential to be a captivating series. These characters are likeable and relatable, and the plot is intelligent and well thought-out. There is a significant pet presence in this book as well, which adds fun to the overall experience.

Carey Sullivan