Only in Darkness


PARANORMAL: Emilio Chavez has been different from the moment he was born. Now at the age of seventeen, his best friend, Clara, has had an accident, and everyone thinks Emilio had something to do with it. While he is dealing with this, he discovers some disturbing information about his past. When Clara begins to show signs of being under the influence of some dark force, Emilio must contend with that as well as fighting the growing tensions within himself. Emilio has so much going on and with so many dangers, it could become fatal. Will Emilio figure out what’s going on with himself and save Clara? Or are they both doomed?

Brenda Stanley has come up with an interesting concept for “Only in Darkness”. There is a lot of backstory which has the book jumping back and forth, but as it progresses, there is a lot of character building and an engaging plot. What really sets this book apart are the twists and turns that take the reader on the ultimate wild ride until the very end when everything comes crashing down with a fantastic twist. For fans of paranormal, suspense, and a good thriller, this read has all of the above and with descriptions that are in depth. The characters are dynamic and there is a lot of fun dialogue. This should also come with a warning label that once opened, one will not be able to put it down! Don’t let this great book pass your TBR pile – add it now!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick