Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

In a world where fate is not fair, but justice and true love are certain, Irish actor Lash Brogan has finally accepted a leading role again — but someone doesn’t want the movie to be made and accidents and deaths plague the set.

Within the Skin

For years, street artist Alba Vargas has donned the name of a boy, El Toro. Now, she’s conquered the art scene by storm, but going back to living as a woman after having disguised herself as a boy for this long, is far from easy. Especially when tattoo artist Fernando Pharaoh—a man she has secretly loved for years—comes into the picture.

Private Investigator Candice Shane is on a stakeout at a friend’s home. The friend suspects there is a stalker that visits nightly. Just as the stalker appears at the house, a squad car pulls up behind Candice’s car. While she immediately gives chase in attempt to catch the toad harassing her friend, she’s also being chased. She finds herself running from a cop, but not any cop.

Abby Devry is a beautiful and intelligent young woman with a dream job as an art dealer in Fort Worth,Texas. Her life is going according to schedule, except that she has yet to feel a real connection with a special someone. Enter Roark Espinoza, a handsome State Trooper who knows what he wants. What he wants is Abby Devry—has from the first moment he laid eyes on her.

Police officer Lexi Becker has unfinished business. An infamous drug lord known as The Falcon was responsible for the murder of her husband three years ago. Unable to discover The Falcon’s identity and prove his guilt, she has taken refuge in a small town to get away from the memories. However, the past won’t let her be.