Recent Reviews

When Delphie’s mentor grandmother-in-law dies, Delphie expects the house to be left to her. Much to her disappointment, Mrs. Pomfrey leaves everything to Delphie’s husband, Spencer Burnett, Viscount Stiles. After a five year absence, Spencer suddenly returns after his grandmother’s death. He has changed from the selfish, unfeeling man he was when he left.

All her life, Lady Siobhan O’Shea has striven to shed her family’s reputation for being wild. She has done her best to be accepted by the upper crust of society. She is barely accepted until her brother, Caelian, loses a foolish bet to Rory Feeney. The hand of Siobhan is Rory’s prize, and he is well pleased.

Jane has a habit of getting into trouble. This last time had the worst repercussions. After hiding in an unwed gentleman’s carriage to stop a friend from eloping, Jane’s reputation is in tatters, so she must now wed immediately. Her stepmother, Christiana, throws a house party for her with only candidates seeking to wed Jane in attendance.

The Detective Duke

When Hudson Stone finds himself inheriting a dukedom, he has to change the way he has always acted. His harsh, icy personality, necessary for a Chief of Scotland Yard, was far from what was expected of a duke, however, Lady Elysande Collingwood, the previous Duke of Wycombe’s betrothed, thinks that it will be perfect for their future relationship.

A Dangerous Scheme

Guy Stewart decides to quit working as a Bow Street Runner to become an agent of the Crown. He is sent to his toughest assignment yet, to investigate about an illegal trade union in Anmore; nevertheless, when he arrives he finds out that not everything is black and white, and there may be a reason behind the union.