A Dangerous Scheme


Guy Stewart decides to quit working as a Bow Street Runner to become an agent of the Crown. He is sent to his toughest assignment yet, to investigate about an illegal trade union in Anmore; nevertheless, when he arrives he finds out that not everything is black and white, and there may be a reason behind the union. On the other hand, Miss Daphne Locke has just become her grandmother’s heiress, rather than her cousin Phineas, the rightful heir. When she decides to spend the money helping the children at the coal mines, she and Mr. Stewart immediately cross paths, and although he promised himself he would not fall in love with her, and that she cannot know he is working as a spy, he cannot deny the attraction between them.

“A Dangerous Scheme” is a must read in this series. Ms. Beers tells us the story of Guy Stewart, a poor man who works for the income that must help his little sister and his sick mother, and who is sent on a mission to Anmore, where he will meet Miss Locke, a beautiful, stunning woman whose only concern is the welfare of the children at the mines. A fantastic novel that becomes a page-turner from the very beginning, showing us the disastrous working conditions that surrounded the mines and everything that Guy and Daphne do to improve them, the obstacles they find in the way, and the people that do not approve of their relationship.

Anthony Carbonell