A Dare Too Far (The Debutante Dares Book 2)


Jane has a habit of getting into trouble. This last time had the worst repercussions. After hiding in an unwed gentleman’s carriage to stop a friend from eloping, Jane’s reputation is in tatters, so she must now wed immediately. Her stepmother, Christiana, throws a house party for her with only candidates seeking to wed Jane in attendance. Edmund, Jane’s brother, asks his best friend George, Lord Abbington, to send some likely candidates to the party. One of the suitors, Lord Sharpton, is one of Christiana’s ex-lovers and they hope Jane will choose him because he desperately needs Jane’s handsome dowry and Christiana can no longer support him. Edmund wishes for George to ask for his sister because he sees them as a perfect match. While George is in love with Jane, he has a dark secret keeping him from marrying.

“A Dare Too Far” addresses the consequences laid upon Jane when she takes one risk too many in this zany romance. She is not afraid to take a risk which leaves the reader either laughing or holding their breath. Both she and George are well-written as characters, but they keep changing their minds about getting married so often it is like watching a ping-pong game. George at times seems like a bully because he does not ask Jane’s opinion, he just makes the decision which is best for him and leaves her out in the cold. Some repetitive scenes slowed the pace of the story, as well, causing the reader to disengage from the tale. Despite its flaws, however, “A Dare Too Far” is a fun story with a lot of quirky characters to love!

Belinda Wilson