Not Quite a Marriage (Audacious Ladies of Audley Book 1)


When Delphie’s mentor grandmother-in-law dies, Delphie expects the house to be left to her. Much to her disappointment, Mrs. Pomfrey leaves everything to Delphie’s husband, Spencer Burnett, Viscount Stiles. After a five year absence, Spencer suddenly returns after his grandmother’s death. He has changed from the selfish, unfeeling man he was when he left. He realizes he now loves Delphie and wants this marriage. Unfortunately, Delphie does not trust Spencer not to leave again. All she wants from him is to leave the house to her to run so she can invite her four cousins to live with her. Spencer proposes a bargain with Delphie; give him two months to woo her back and they stay married. If he does not succeed, she can have the house with his blessing. Only Spencer never loses.

“Not Quite a Marriage” is a rousing tale of two hearts evolving with maturity. At first, Delphie is determined to focus on all she has lost, but eventually, she learns to appreciate what she has. Spencer begins as a self-centered oaf who leaves as a way of coping with his suppressed feelings. He comes back as a mature man who can empathize with others and expresses his feelings. Delphie is not always a likeable heroine. She tries to manipulate her cousins as well as Spencer, caring only about her own needs. The dynamics between Spencer and Delphie are interesting, once Delphie begins to let down her guard. Mrs. Pomfrey’s will is brilliant as she reaches from the grave to accomplish what she could not while she was still living. A delightful read!

Belinda Wilson