The Detective Duke


When Hudson Stone finds himself inheriting a dukedom, he has to change the way he has always acted. His harsh, icy personality, necessary for a Chief of Scotland Yard, was far from what was expected of a duke, however, Lady Elysande Collingwood, the previous Duke of Wycombe’s betrothed, thinks that it will be perfect for their future relationship. Stone needs to save his estates from ruin, and Lady Elysande’s immense dowry is just what he needs, since she is the only person he knows that is interested, and she has her own reasons for marrying him despite his ruthless reputation. Nevertheless, when they begin to develop feelings for each other, their situation becomes more difficult as they even encounter a dangerous villain who makes him realize he cannot get too close to anyone.

“The Detective Duke” takes us on a journey where we find ourselves mesmerized by Scarlett Scott’s writing. The relationship between Hudson Stone and Lady Elysande turns out to be as exciting as possible, with two characters that despite having a marriage of convenience, start to develop feelings for each other. Their romance does not get shadowed by the criminal story at all, instead it gets boosted by the subplot. Ms. Scott brings together two intelligent, leading characters that although they did not fit the society standards, they fit perfectly together. A really straightforward story that presents us an interesting subplot that improves the story at all times. Definitely a must read for everyone who likes mysterious love stories.

Anthony Carbonell