Recent Reviews

One More Second Chance

As Lobster Cove’s high school principal, Julia Stewart juggles community moral controversies and a sour-grapes co-worker.

Taming the Night

Alicia rides her Harley through the byways of America attracting deadly creatures that prey on innocent people. She’ll have to do it for eternity and she’s only eight years into the game.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Escaping after her uncle is killed and her sister is kidnapped, Lara Spenser finds safety in Ireland, at least until the Hellhounds track her down. She needs a bodyguard. One very capable, if not dark and handsome man, answers the ad.

HISTORICAL/WOMEN'S FICTION:  It’s 1946 and Benjamin Church has returned home from the war, thinking things in his hometown have changed.

Newlywed Tori Lewis inadvertently walks into a robbery in progress and discovers a gunman with a super power. Having been told all her life that super heroes did not exist, she was shocked to learn that not only were they a reality, but that she also possessed a super power.