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A Keeper’s Truth

Tess has been seeing things that are the stuff of nightmares. She starts to believe that she is going out of her mind with grief after losing her husband in a car accident.

Wendy Weatherford travels all the way to Wyoming after being chosen as a bride for Cody Montrose. However, when Cody sees her, his prejudice gets the better of him and breaks the marriage arrangement.

SCI-FI/STEAMPUNK:  Jacob is a smuggler and reluctant member of the Resistance movement against the Iron Empire—humanoid demons who have taken over Earth for its iron stores and have sterilized most of humanity.  The Lifemaker ho

“Trunk” Mahoney’s wife, Mary, has just informed him by text message that she is divorcing him. He knew things weren’t good, but had no clue they were that bad.

Henrietta has always been in love with Julian, but the only marriage proposal she has received was one from a soldier, now dead.