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Scarlet is one of the Four Horsemen - or maybe the better term is Horsewomen. As War, she and her friends protect the seals that if opened would bring the Apocalypse.

“An Unfortunate Journey: The Tale of Orion” by Sara Daniell is a sci-fi tale of a young girl whose curiosity and incorrigible behavior places her on the run from the despicable Constable and the Sphere Hunters. When her special abilities are revealed will she use them for good or evil?

Lei Texeira is on a mission: to find the shroud killer before it finds her. Her new husband, Michael and his son are just trying to protect Lei from herself. When she takes off for the big island, supposedly to find more about the gambling ring she’s been investigating, Michael is concerned but he trusts Lei to do the right thing and wait for backup if she needs it.

When Dark Falls

Kaddie Williams is one of many warehouse workers during the day, but when the sun sinks low in the sky, she becomes Nocturnal - Nelle for short. Kaddie, she does her best not to stand out in the crowd.

Shimmers of Stardust
Ryan Jo

TIME TRAVEL:  Logan Riley served in the Civil War but when he returned home, he turned to a life of crime. When he was finally caught, the courts sentenced him to death by hanging but something strange happened the night of his hanging. When the hangman kicked the horse from under him, he hung for a few moments, and then disappeared. Fast forward to the 21st century and anthropologist Dr.