On a Red Horse, Revelations, #1


Scarlet is one of the Four Horsemen - or maybe the better term is Horsewomen. As War, she and her friends protect the seals that if opened would bring the Apocalypse. Leaving the Void to live their lives on Earth means Scarlet has to give up her husband Tyr, God of Justice - but where her friends go, so must she. However, in the three years since she left him, Tyr has never stopped searching for her. Torn between her friends, her duty and her husband, what will she do now that he’s found her?


Having women portray the Four Horsemen is quite an interesting twist on an old theme. As War, Scarlet should be strong and fearless, but living on Earth has changed her. She comes across as being weak and there is little to no explanation as to why. In fact, there is no reason given as to why the Four Horsemen need to be on Earth at all. The beginning is a tad confusing and while the story settles into a steady pace, the plot falters at the end, tying things up too quickly and with little fanfare. Tyr is a sympathetic character, but too gullible when it comes to his wife. It would be nice to have more information on the other Horseman, but they are given little page time since Scarlet’s inner turmoil dominates the story. Including additional tidbits about the Horsemen, beefing up the plot and improved balancing of their personalities would have this story first out of the gate.


Carol Conley