When Dark Falls


Kaddie Williams is one of many warehouse workers during the day, but when the sun sinks low in the sky, she becomes Nocturnal - Nelle for short. Kaddie, she does her best not to stand out in the crowd. She goes to work, comes home, receives her rations for the day, and spends the rest of the time in her apartment. That is until she begins to wake in the morning with unexplainable bruises, cuts, and sore muscles she didn’t even know she had. Kaddie begins to question what is happening to her and eventually why she is the one that must save the day. Who will win the ultimate battle and who will suffer the most? Kaddie, Dark, Nelle, or Shadow/Jev? Will love conquer all or will hate rue the day?


“When Dark Falls” sets a new twist on sci-fi/paranormal. Pippa Jay has created a whole new world where cloud burners rule the sky and superheroes have been banished to the Underworld where they are waiting for their opportunity to swoop down and save the proverbial day. Readers will be hard pressed to not enjoy every page of “When Dark Falls.” This is not your run-of-the-mill fairy tale, but a dark, mysterious, and lightning fast tale of good versus evil. Ms. Jay knows how to weave her magic through the story so that it draws a reader in until they are well and truly caught in her web. They will find the only way out is to finish the book to see what happens next!

Mary-Nancy Smith