Fire Beach (Lei Crime Book 8)


Lei Texeira is on a mission: to find the shroud killer before it finds her. Her new husband, Michael and his son are just trying to protect Lei from herself. When she takes off for the big island, supposedly to find more about the gambling ring she’s been investigating, Michael is concerned but he trusts Lei to do the right thing and wait for backup if she needs it. All the while someone is stalking the family and they do their best to kill Michael, his son, and his brother in a house fire that rips apart their lives. Will the threats to the family ever cease or will the forever be haunted by the shroud killer?

“Fire Beach” is the eighth book in the Lei Crime series. In order to fully understand all of the clues and information pertaining to certain aspects of the story, this installment should not be read as a stand-alone, but in its place in the series. Toby Neal has a way of giving the reader just enough that allows them to get caught up in the story. They cannot put it down until they find themselves at the end, but not wanting the story to be finished. “Fire Beach” is fascinating, thrilling, and so much more! Readers will become so engrossed with the characters that they will be lost when they come up for air. 

Mary-Nancy Smith