An Unfortunate Journey: The Tale of Orion

Young Adult

“An Unfortunate Journey: The Tale of Orion” by Sara Daniell is a sci-fi tale of a young girl whose curiosity and incorrigible behavior places her on the run from the despicable Constable and the Sphere Hunters. When her special abilities are revealed will she use them for good or evil? What anyone reading “An Unfortunate Journey” wants to know is why are they chasing Orion and what is so very special about this girl that sets her apart from so many others? With nowhere to go and nowhere to call home, will she ever be free of her pursuers? Will she ever find love and peace?


The first half of “An Unfortunate Journey” would do well with a bit of foreshadowing of Orion’s powers. Also, changes in tempo and more development in the secondary characters (so they do more than move Orion along) would be extremely useful throughout this book. Although Orion is constantly on the run, she dispatches her pursuers as if navigating traffic on an only somewhat busy freeway. Once Ms. Daniell gets halfway through her tale, though, readers learn of a special ability Orion possesses that explains her unique abilities and the story becomes much more digestible. “An Unfortunate Journey” starts traveling in the second half and the persistent reader is rewarded with the promise expected when one reads the cover blurb. Orion can trust no one, and Ms. Daniell drives us through curves and unexpected hazards with a tale which ultimately arrives screeching into its exciting destination.

Mary-Nancy Smith