Shimmers of Stardust

Ryan Jo

TIME TRAVEL:  Logan Riley served in the Civil War but when he returned home, he turned to a life of crime. When he was finally caught, the courts sentenced him to death by hanging but something strange happened the night of his hanging. When the hangman kicked the horse from under him, he hung for a few moments, and then disappeared. Fast forward to the 21st century and anthropologist Dr. McKenzie Lynne has unknowingly been hired to locate Logan. She assumed they were just looking for signs of civilization. When she learns that the military and a group of scientists wants to experiment on Logan, she helps him escape and helps him hide out until they can decide what to do with him.

“Shimmers of Stardust” is an interesting time-travel romance, with a hero and heroine that will quickly have readers enamored. Ms. Summers has written a new twist on a familiar tale, but she leaves readers with a fresh perspective. Formatting issues made it a challenge to read parts of this book, but it is still worth the time it takes to visit with these two characters. Kenzie and Logan have obstacles they must overcome, but they face them together and that makes their relationship stronger and helps readers understand where Ms. Summer is coming from when she writes about Kenzie’s Christian Faith. “Shimmers of Stardust” is funny, light-hearted, sad, scary, and wonderful all rolled up into one shining star! One should take a few minutes out of the day to get lost in this delightful story. The shimmers are sure to reward.

Mary-Nancy Smith