Recent Reviews

PARANORMAL:  Darkness has descended on Clan MacKenzie. To provide for their survival, Alexander MacKenzie travels to the neighboring Ross clan’s hold to make allies.  Little did he know that just as his clan was marked by the tragedy that took place during his childhood, so was his neighbors' family also changed forever.  

The Sirens of Falkeld

HISTORICAL/PARANORMAL:  Catch a mermaid and be granted a wish, that’s what Kade Finely was banking on.  Native to the Isles, Kade is captured and coerced into helping the royal navy during WWII, which upends Kade’s plan to save the dying grandfather who raised him.  Gaffer’s vivid lifelong stories

Cursed Once More

After the harrowing events that preceded their marriage, Clara and Atticus Blackwood have settled into the blissful life of newlyweds.  They are in the process of developing a home for unwed mothers when a mysterious letter arrives from the family Clara thought had long ago disowned her.  Having little desire to meet those responsible for making her life so miserable, but unable to disregard th

More Precious Than Gold

Louisa White’s situation has changed for the worst over the past year since her father died and left her family with little but faith in the Lord.

WESTERN:  Jennifer OMalley gets the shock of her life when she spots former love Glen Herrington in Libby Prison.