Prophecy: Novel of the Fallen Angels


Centuries ago the Nephilim, children of fallen angels, formed the Great Houses and followed the Phoenix. But when the Phoenix disappeared, the Houses fell into disarray and vampires and demons ran free. With a soul devouring demon on the loose, 18-year-old Aiden may have only one person she can trust to help her stop the demon and fulfill the prophecy concerning the phoenix’s rebirth. Unfortunately, that person himself is shrouded in mystery and haunts Aiden’s dreams. With only the word of her mentor to vouch for him, Aiden must rely on an ancient Celtic warrior with golden eyes to uncover the truth surrounding the Phoenix before the day of rebirth passes.


With non-stop action, mystery, and magic, “Prophecy” is a mix of fallen angel mythos with a bit of Asian mythology thrown in. Admittedly, the world building is abruptly told instead of shown, the pace is uneven, and the truth about Aiden and her mentor is left open ended so a sequel is highly necessary to answer the questions left unanswered. However, Aiden and Magnus make an intriguing couple and the mythology of the story is creative. Lovers of paranormal romance will enjoy the sparks, the intrigue, and the chaos of the rebirth of the Phoenix.


Sarah E. Bradley