Demons & Pearls - The Razor's Adventures #1


When Ivory Shepard kills Captain Christopher Barclay to keep him from ordering the death of the crew of a merchant ship, she lands herself and her cousins in even more danger than they were already in. In their attempt to obtain freedom, the girls have faced down pirates, slave traders, and more. No longer an innocent farm girl, Ivory has fallen in love with the sea and as soon as she gets her cousins to safety, she is determined to become a pirate. However, no woman has ever done so and the one captain who might be able to help save her cousins may also be the one man who can stir her heart.


A riotous pirate adventure, “Demons & Pearls” follows Ivory Shepard’s attempts to become a pirate after she kills a pirate captain. While Ivory is a smart woman - she is an interesting mix of rough, pirate killer, but the sensibilities of a wholesome lady. Yet despite her attempts and her sword skills, she require saving often, and usually in a humorous way. The story starts rather abruptly and seems to be a second book rather than a first in a series with a number of events talked about rather than shown. While several of the character’s actions make no sense, the romance between Ivory and Rasmus is full of sparks and the fast pace and high tension makes for a good quick read.


Sarah E. Bradley