A Matter of Time (Matters of Love #2)


Since losing her husband, Eliza James has gone through a lot; but she hasn’t given up on finding her happy ending or her Mr. Darcy. She wants the romance and experience of being courted by potential lover. She’s taken back two hundred years by a magical manuscript and is thrust into the path of the Duke of Claremont who, much to her despair, is as far from the ideal man as you could get. Deveric Mattersley killed his first wife - at the very least he blames himself for her death. He doesn’t want to get involved with another woman and focuses on running his estates and bringing up his son. When a strange woman appears and stirs up feelings he thought he’d long since buried, he’s not sure how to handle it. Can she bring out the passion in him and help him fall in love again?

What was intriguing about this book was the idea. The concept of a magical manuscript was one that hasn’t been heard much of before. The characters are polar opposites: Eliza is a lovely, cheery person considering what she’s been through and Deveric is the total opposite - rude, miserable and abrupt. This adds for some very tense friction and in some aspects the reader is left wondering if they’ll ever work out their differences. A little more explanation of the magical manuscript would have been ideal in order to help the reader fully understand what was going on as it was a little choppy and not explained well. Very hot love scenes light the book on fire, making it a very enjoyable read!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick