The Highlander’s French Bride (Highlander's Bride #5)


Kinnon Macrory has fought hard to prove his worth on the battlefield while fighting the English in France. Set to inherit a Lairdship, he has a lot to prove. When he is imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, one thing gets him through it - Melisande de la Roche. Melisande is being hunted by soldiers for helping a Scottish soldier wrongly accused of treason. When Kinnon returns to France, he begins tracking Melisande. When he finds her passion ignites, but tales from their past could ruin their love before it has even begun.

Cathy MacRae has created the ideal blend of rugged Scottish hero with the passion and determination of a beautiful French woman. The characters are well portrayed and throughout the story they develop and the reader learns more about them, although there are some very small sections where the characters seem to be stereotyped. The passion is clear from the beginning and continues throughout. The story moves at a brisk pace with plenty of action and the ability to catch ones breath when required. Cathy MacRae has delivered with an enjoyable, passionate love story that the reader can lose themselves into for a few hours.   

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick