Love’s Legacy


Rebecca Sumerfield has always loved the story surrounding the ruins of Babylon Castle, so when she spies a light in one of the towers, she decides to investigate. Discovering a man staying in the castle she immediately insists that he leave the premises. She is unhappily surprised to discover that not only is Camden Le Bec the new owner of the castle, but a Captain in the British Army. Camden never thought his brief visit to Babylon Castle would result in discovering a lady as irresistible as Rebecca, but she is spurning all of his advances. Will Babylon Castle be filled with love once again, or is this love already in ruins?


A short historical romance novella set in the "World of de Wolf Pack”, Camden and Rebecca feel the sparks of love at first sight, but the romance is slow to build, which keeps the reader hooked from beginning to its too short end. Although the story lacks depth or a complex plot, readers will enjoy watching Camden’s pursuit of Rebecca as both characters are easy to sympathize with. This is a light clean romance, with basic denial serving as the source of conflict but still providing plenty of cute moments for a lazy afternoon.


Sarah E. Bradley