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Zann has only one power—shapeshifting into a wolf. Without the aid of more powerful magic, Zann finds himself serving as hunter for Castle Mura. When the king in his ever-greedy search for new game sends Zann to hunt in the forests of Glint, it sets in motion events neither could have foreseen. Queen Lira Pentstone is hunting in the forest and shoots Zann in his wolf form.

Renee and Izzy are sisters who lose both their parents. Renee has returned home in the wake of her mom’s passing to help, but it seems the only one who wants her there is her little brother, Benjamin. Izzy is still hurt from the first time Renee left, and Simon, her one true love, has found love with someone else and is engaged.

A Maiden of Snakes
Jane McGarry

Marchioness Lamberico wants nothing more than to conceive a child, but after three years of trying, she still finds herself without child. In desperation, she follows rumors to seek the help of Imelda, a powerful witch who agrees to help – with a caution that there will be consequences.

Malcolm MacHeth has been imprisoned by the King for twenty long years for seeking the crown for himself. Prison’s only real hardship for Malcolm is his inability to see his sons, Donald and Adam, and his daughter, Gormflaith, grow up. He also misses his wife, Halla, who is running his earldom in his absence. MacHeth hears his son Adam is unusual, a seer.

After his wife, Madelene, gives birth to a stillborn son, Gilbert Winterbourne, Lord Yeardly spends the next three years in India, leaving his grieving wife behind. While focused on learning about tea in the hopes of setting up a tea house back home, Gilbert wants the unpleasantness of strong emotions to simply go away. He can’t deal with Madelene or her grief.