The Forest’s Keeper

E.E. Hornburg

Rose wants nothing more than to stand side by side with her best friend, Cal, wielding a sword. Her sister, Eira, was cursed and is unable to reign as she should because of the former queen, Amelia, a green-scaled sorceress. Rose is determined more than ever to track the sorceress down and right all the wrongs she’s done, especially after a wolf shape-shifter informs Rose of all the trouble brewing in the Eral Forest. As Cal and Rose set off on their quest to track down Amelia and save the forest, they run into trouble with a clan of Ogres seeking to rectify an old issue with Rose’s family. However, the Ogres are far from their only concern as more and more come to light. Rose struggles as she searches for freedom, but will it ever come?

E.E. Hornburg creates a beautiful, mythical fantasy in Eral Forest that is an intriguing take on a well-loved classic. Rose is written with a fierce attitude and passion for her home, with a best friend and love interest adding to the mix. The chemistry that Cal and Rose share is heart-warming, and the slow burn as they begin to realize this will keep readers hooked. The side characters are delightful and add to the intense mix of fantasy throughout the forest. It is also a unique touch to be able to see the story from the villain's perspective as everything begins to unfold. “The Forest’s Keeper” is a delightful read that will twist everything readers know about the beloved classics! 

Sadie Wilson