Island Heat - The Carolina Series, Book 2


Suzanna Shay wins a mystery themed cruise from her bookstore job where she meets Austen Kincaid, a fledgling suspense writer. Their mutual love of mystery books and an instant attraction promises to make their five day voyage a fun and exciting adventure. Unfortunately for Austen, he finds himself in the crosshairs of the man-eating Haley Henderson, an accomplished writer and wife of Brad Henderson, owner of H&H Publishing. Suzanna and Austen continue their romance once they hit land. However, lies and scandal soon rock their world and cause a rift in their budding relationship. Will they be able to sail through the stormy seas of betrayal and get back together? Will their sleuthing minds help them solve a real murder that might actually put Suzanna in mortal danger?

Swimming with mystery, suspense, and romance, "Island Heat" is a steamy tale perfect for reading while cruising the ocean blue or lounging by the pool sipping cabernet! Readers will be immediately engrossed in the plot within a plot story. Suzanna and Austen are relatable characters with white-hot chemistry and inquisitive minds. The ensemble cast of secondary characters are superbly written as they play their part to keep readers guessing whodunit. Haley Henderson plays her part so well, readers will truly hate her entitled and lecherous ways. The island and shipboard locales are described so well, readers will be ready to purchase a ticket for a visit or a cruise of their own. Ms. Grahl's second installment in her Carolina Series delivers a perfect storm of mysterious mayhem, sultry sexiness, and hints of humor that guarantees readers won't be disappointed!

Tonya Mathenia