Lost in the Dark (Camden Point Romantic Suspense book 3)

Gail Chianese

Ashley Medearis – a cop – is trying to come back to her old self after being shot in the field. However, Ashley soon realizes that it might not be that easy to be normal again because there is someone stalking her. And this just isn’t anyone; it’s someone who is dead. With her newfound ability to see and talk to the dead, and her sabbatical bringing her to a small town in Camden Point, she finds herself in the middle of a missing person’s case. But she isn’t working alone. While Ashley has her hands full with the missing person’s case, she is forced to work alongside her old flame—Nate who seems to have thoughts of his own working alongside Ashley. 

In this steamy paranormal romance, Gail Chianese brings two old flames together by unusual circumstances. With the spiciness of the two characters, “Lost in the Dark” is an adult read showing how two different people can come together while not really knowing the other person. The attraction between Ashley and Nate is felt through each savory word the author writes showing her cleverness to connect the reader with the characters of the story. Not only does the author connect the readers to the characters within her story by her flavorful descriptions of their emotions, but pulls the readers in by explaining both sides to the story which gives a better view of what is happening with the other characters – not just the main ones. With this thorough explanation of each side of the story, this book can be read as a stand-alone. A haunting page turner, the story turns in the direction where the reader least expects, keeping one glued to the page! 

Stephanie Bell