Dragon Surf

D.G. Driver with Jenni Bautista Richard
Young Adult

URBAN FANTASY: Eric Long lives the life of a Chinese American teenage boy, struggling to accept his heritage and clinging to the All-American life. He focuses on his goals to become a champion surfer like his father before him, and is reluctant to show any interest in his mother’s knack for Chinese artistry. However, when Eric starts to have vivid dreams depicting a dragon, much like those in his mother’s artwork, he begins to question where they came from and why. As he questions his ancestry and those before him, he finds himself in a near death experience when the dragon from his dreams saves him. This encounter opens the door to more questions, and leaves Eric searching for more answers. 

“Dragon Surf” is a quick and fun YA novel that is a joy to read. Right from the beginning, D.G Driver and Jenni Bautista Richard grab the reader's attention with Eric and his family’s dynamic. His attitude fits perfectly in line with what would be expected from a teenage boy, especially one who struggles to connect with his mother and his cultural heritage. However, as the dreams begin to come to life and he starts to connect with his mother towards the end of the novel, it lifts a weight off Eric’s shoulders and readers can feel this as well. All the teenage angst and resentment that blinded him before is lifted, and he is able to fully appreciate not only his culture, but his parents. “Dragon Surf” is such a unique and wonderful YA read! 

Sadie Wilson